They’re not Against You: The ISPs Are on Your Team!


When your legitimate emails are blocked or you find your company graylisted, it can be easy to start thinking the ISPs are against you, or maybe against your email service provider. But they’re not against you! The ISPs really are your friends. They want to get your emails delivered to the people that want them, they really do. They are blocking spam in order to serve who? Their customers. And in serving their customers, part of […]

They’re not Against You: The ISPs Are on Your Team!2021-11-09T21:12:41+00:00

Email Integration 101: What You Need to Know


Email integration is important because the data that allows you to be relevant is always residing in other systems. And relevancy is key to engagement is key to email marketing ROI. However, not all integrations are the same. Differences include the amount of data, types of data and speed of data transfer. All of these factors can impact your results, so you must be sure your email integration is delivering what you need. Although they might […]

Email Integration 101: What You Need to Know2021-11-09T21:12:41+00:00

“He’s Just Not That Into You”


A few years ago, the best-selling self-help book “He’s Just Not That Into You” was all the rage, teaching single women everywhere to recognize the signs of a disinterested man rather than make excuses for him. The book tried to make clear that it wasn’t necessarily that a guy is too busy, or too shy, or too scared after a bad relationship to reciprocate her feelings and attention. Rather, the book explained, often that guy just […]

“He’s Just Not That Into You”2021-11-09T21:12:42+00:00

Yaaawwwn….Are You the Cause of That List Fatigue?


List fatigue is what happens when people get tired of hearing from you. Their name might be on your in-house email list for a bona fide reason, but they are done with those emails. Bored by them. Don’t want them any longer. Thank you very much but good bye. The other day, we talked about the signs, so you can recognize list fatigue before it gets out of control and leads to a diminishing email marketing […]

Yaaawwwn….Are You the Cause of That List Fatigue?2021-11-09T21:12:44+00:00

Is Your Email Tiring? How to Spot List Fatigue


It’s easy to play ostrich with email. We can spend all kinds of time upfront on email design and copywriting, refining subject lines and calls to action, crafting strategies and offers, but in the end, it’s what happens at the inbox that really matters. And we need to pay attention. Sure, we still have all the time required upfront on the design and offers, but we also need to spend a lot of time looking at […]

Is Your Email Tiring? How to Spot List Fatigue2021-11-09T21:12:45+00:00
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