The ISPs Are on Your Team!

When your legitimate emails are blocked or you find your company graylisted, it can be easy to start thinking the ISPs are against you, or maybe against your email service provider.

But they’re not against you! The ISPs really are your friends. They want to get your emails delivered to the people that want them, they really do. They are blocking spam in order to serve who? Their customers. And in serving their customers, part of their task is making sure the real emails get through.

It’s just that in an age when the bulk of email is spam (anywhere between 71% and 90%, depending on the stats you find), they are hard pressed to monitor the legitimate email and separate it from the junk.

You have to work within their requirements and do whatever you can to ensure your sending reputation is good. This is one reason for choosing a top tier ESP: A big, reputable ESP has staff dedicated to working with the ISPs on your behalf.

Don’t view the ISPs as against you. Instead view them as on your team and be a team player. Work with your email service provider to get your IP Address whitelisted. Sign up for ISPs’ feedback loops. Set up and register as an email address. Above all, make sure you are delivering relevant content.

Then continue to work with your email service provider to monitor your email marketing over time to be sure you are continually meeting the ISPs’ needs. If you do, you’ll find they continually meet yours…by getting your emails into your subscribers’ inboxes without fail.

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Published On: June 25th, 2012Categories: Email deliverability

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