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Sharon Ernst from BetterFasterWriter.com is on a mission to improve the business and marketing writing skills of today’s workforce with her blog, newsletter and online classes. Her newest class on intermediate email copywriting covers 19 tips and techniques non-copywriters can put to use right away for better results. The class has real-life examples and before/after comparisons to make the lessons stick. Find her class at www.betterfasterwriter.com/intermediate-email-copywriting-class. When she’s not busy helping employees, managers and marketers master their writing skills, she and her husband are busy raising pigs, cows, chickens and vegetables on their 20-acre farm.

The Role of ESPs in Email Deliverability


In the rapidly evolving world of email marketing, understanding the intricate role of Email Service Providers (ESPs) in email deliverability has never been more crucial. As we enter January 2024, the debate around how ESPs influence email deliverability unfolds. At ClickMail, we specialize in guiding marketers to select the optimal ESP for their unique needs, witnessing firsthand the common misconceptions about the impact of ESPs on improving deliverability rates. Contrary to popular belief, the choice of […]

The Role of ESPs in Email Deliverability2024-02-28T17:00:04+00:00

Elevate Your B2B Holiday Email Marketing in 2023


Elevate Your B2B Holiday Email Marketing in 2023, As the 2023 holiday season unfolds, email inboxes are brimming with messages from retailers eager to leverage the festive shopping spree. For B2B email marketers aiming to enhance their ROI, the competition for your audience’s attention is fiercer. The ClickMail Edge: B2B Email Marketing Strategies Staying Relevant in a B2C Dominated Season While the holiday focus for many shifts towards B2C strategies to boost email marketing ROI, ClickMail […]

Elevate Your B2B Holiday Email Marketing in 20232024-02-28T16:47:52+00:00

The Imperative of Email Testing in 2024 Beyond Avoiding Apologies


(Updated October 23, 2023) In the ever-evolving realm of email marketing, two principles hold paramount importance: relevance and rigorous email testing. As an email technology provider committed to enhancing marketing effectiveness, we emphasize these core strategies to our clients. The focus on testing sheds light on a crucial aspect of email marketing—preventing the need for apology emails. Having witnessed the email marketing landscape for over two decades, I’ve observed numerous instances where brands had to issue […]

The Imperative of Email Testing in 2024 Beyond Avoiding Apologies2024-02-28T17:15:30+00:00

Email Marketing Best Practices for Subscriber Engagement


Despite the evolution of digital marketing over the past decade, one element remains steadfastly at the core of successful email marketing campaigns: subscriber engagement. The enduring principle that subscribers should dictate the direction of your email marketing efforts underscores the importance of viewing email not as a quick acquisition tool but as a powerful retention mechanism. Unlike SEO, PPC, and social media—which excel at driving initial traffic—email marketing shines in nurturing ongoing relationships, ultimately converting prospects […]

Email Marketing Best Practices for Subscriber Engagement2024-02-28T17:24:25+00:00

Crafting Captivating Holiday Email Subject Lines: A Guide


Have you noticed an uptick in Holiday Email Subject Lines in your inbox recently? It’s December, and the digital world is buzzing with holiday email marketing campaigns. This surge offers a prime opportunity to dive deep into the art of crafting holiday email subject lines that stand out. The significance of email subject lines during the holiday season cannot be overstated. As the CEO of an email technology company, I find myself naturally drawn to analyzing […]

Crafting Captivating Holiday Email Subject Lines: A Guide2024-02-28T17:06:28+00:00

In the Inbox? Good Job! Now Use These 2 Tips to Get Your Email Opened!


(Updated March 29, 2018) You’ve jumped through all those hoops to get that email delivered to the inbox. That in and of itself is a feat, so good job on your email deliverability! But…now what? Now you’re depending on the recipient to open it. Otherwise, what’s the point? And just because you got it to the inbox doesn’t mean they will open it. A delivered email is not yet an effective email Just because your email […]

In the Inbox? Good Job! Now Use These 2 Tips to Get Your Email Opened!2021-11-09T20:54:41+00:00
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