Email Expert Advice for When Customers Just Aren’t That Into You

A few years ago, the best-selling self-help book “He’s Just Not That Into You” was all the rage, teaching single women everywhere to recognize the signs of a disinterested man rather than make excuses for him.

The book tried to make clear that it wasn’t necessarily that a guy is too busy, or too shy, or too scared after a bad relationship to reciprocate her feelings and attention. Rather, the book explained, often that guy just plain old not interested in the woman who is doing the wondering about him. He just isn’t that into her.

Do we email like these women, making excuses for non-responsive subscribers or sending emails to people who never opted in to begin with? Do we explain away our low email delivery rate rather than take a good hard look at our in-house email list?

It doesn’t take an email expert to be on the outside looking in and see the issue. But sometimes we are too deep into it—email expert or not—to see that what we’re doing is email marketing to people who just aren’t that into us.

Like men, customers aren’t that complicated. They are either interested in what you’re offering or they’re not. You either have the car, dress, grill, grass-fed beef, CRM solution or movie they want…or you don’t. Or maybe your shipping costs are too high, or your conference is being held in a city too far from home. For whatever reason, they’re not interested. And continuing to email them is going to hurt you.

You’ll get spam complaints that affect your email deliverability rate. You’ll get low response rates that affect your boss’s opinion. You’ll get a reputation for being annoying in the minds of those you’re pestering, and that’s bad for brand. Ask any email expert and they’ll tell you: Emailing people who don’t want to hear from you can only be bad.

What can you do? Let them go. Acknowledge that not everyone is that into what you’re selling. Scrub your list. Build a quality in-house email list from now on. Focus on getting your response rate up rather than your list numbers.

There are plenty of people out there who are into what you’re selling. Let go the ones who aren’t so you can focus on the ones who are.

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Published On: June 20th, 2012Categories: Email deliverability

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