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Numbers Don’t Lie: Why Email Tracking Is Essential


Numbers don’t lie but they can mislead, which is one more reason for making sure your email tracking is on track. If you’re not paying attention and digging deeper when something looks odd, you could be assuming your email marketing is going much better than it is…or much worse. Here’s a story to illustrate our point… We did a very small segmented mailing for a client (27 subscribers). Immediately upon pulling the email reporting, we noticed […]

Numbers Don’t Lie: Why Email Tracking Is Essential2021-11-09T21:06:37+00:00

The Top 4—and Least Known—Strategies for List Growth


We’re a numbers-obsessed society, wanting to watch numbers either increase (in our bank accounts) or decrease (on our scales). There’s one place, however, where the email marketer must tread carefully when it comes to numbers, and that’s when you’re growing your email list. This is not the time or place for a focus on quantity and rapid growth. Slow and steady really does win this race because slow + steady = interested and engaged subscribers as […]

The Top 4—and Least Known—Strategies for List Growth2021-11-09T21:07:48+00:00

See What Matters: Introducing eMVision for Email Insights


What if your email reporting was depicted in easy to grasp visuals, like color coded charts and graphs? What if you could spot trends in seconds–and respond to them in minutes? What if you could zero in on a complex data point with a simple click of your mouse? What if you could see what you’ve been missing in your email reporting? No more “what ifs,” because now you can. All of these capabilities and more […]

See What Matters: Introducing eMVision for Email Insights2021-11-09T21:07:49+00:00

Which Metrics Matter to You?


While working on an upcoming post about email marketing metrics for the Email Guide blog, we were reminded again as email consultants that there are all kinds of metrics: the usual, the unusual and the not really measurable. And all of them matter. The usual include the following good and bad metrics, and you’re likely measuring these: Opens Forwards Click throughs Sales Bounces Unsubscribes Spam complaints But are you measuring the unusual? These factors reflect the […]

Which Metrics Matter to You?2021-11-09T21:11:12+00:00
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