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Which Email Metrics Matter to You?

While working on an upcoming post about email marketing metrics for the Email Guide blog, we were reminded again as email consultants that there are all kinds of metrics: the usual, the unusual and the not really measurable. And all of them matter.

The usual include the following good and bad metrics, and you’re likely measuring these:

  • Opens
  • Forwards
  • Click throughs
  • Sales
  • Bounces
  • Unsubscribes
  • Spam complaints

But are you measuring the unusual? These factors reflect the level of success of your email marketing program too:

  • Facebook likes
  • Twitter follows
  • Pinterest pins
  • Customer feedback
  • Survey participation
  • In-store coupon usage
  • Newsletter subscriptions

Finally, are you thinking about the not-measurable metrics that matter nonetheless?

  • Positive brand awareness
  • Customer loyalty
  • Engagement
  • Word of mouth

You might not be able to measure the last four, but if you craft your email marketing campaigns with those in mind, and the end goal of improving each, your program can only improve. Consider these the “warm fuzzy” metrics, the ones you can’t measure but the things that make people have warm fuzzy feelings for your brand and your emails.

What metrics do you measure? What matters most to your organization? This email consultant wants to know!

Published On: July 23rd, 2012Categories: Email analytics

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