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Bring Your Emails to “Life” With Lifecycle Messaging


Has your email marketing team made the transition from batch-and-blast to lifecycle messaging? If not, your program could be suffering from low email deliverability rates or poor ROI. Rather than plug along with disappointing results, maybe your next move should be hiring an email expert. Or perhaps attending the BlueHornet Lifecycle Messaging Conference is just what you need to take your email marketing program to the next level. Lifecycle messaging is so much more than the […]

Bring Your Emails to “Life” With Lifecycle Messaging2021-11-09T21:15:58+00:00

Welcome Emails Engage!


Do you know the capitalist adage about business, “If you’re not growing, you’re shrinking”? It means your business must constantly be on a growth curve, never stagnant because stagnant is the same as stuck and falling behind. In today’s world of email marketing, we might alter that adage to say, “If you’re not engaging, you’re losing.” Strong language, yes, but it makes the point that we have entered the age of engagement. As social networking has […]

Welcome Emails Engage!2021-11-09T21:16:46+00:00

An Automated Email Marketing Primer: The Terms and The Uses


With marketing automation increasing, you’ve heard plenty about automated email, I’m sure. But that term tends to group together what are in reality very specific and different ways of doing automated email marketing. And knowing about those different ways means knowing more about automated email marketing best practices. To help get you up to speed so you can make better use of automated email in 2011, here’s a brief primer on the terms and what they […]

An Automated Email Marketing Primer: The Terms and The Uses2011-01-05T12:39:01+00:00
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