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Do you know the capitalist adage about business, “If you’re not growing, you’re shrinking”? It means your business must constantly be on a growth curve, never stagnant because stagnant is the same as stuck and falling behind.

In today’s world of email marketing, we might alter that adage to say, “If you’re not engaging, you’re losing.”

Strong language, yes, but it makes the point that we have entered the age of engagement. As social networking has turned consumer expectations upside down and the inbox has become even more cluttered, your ability to engage with your audience goes beyond the warm fuzzies into actual ROI.

Get your relationship off to an “engaging” start by sending new subscribers a Welcome email.

As an email marketing agency, we can’t say enough about the importance—and ease—of this email marketing best practice. At its best, your Welcome email:

  • Validates the subscriber’s decision to entrust you with his email address
  • Reinforces the promises made on your signup page
  • Begins the process of relationship building with that new subscriber
  • Sets the tone for all future email communications
  • Builds your brand

Remember too, the Welcome email has a higher open rate than other types of emails!

If you’re not using a Welcome email, now is the time to start. It will become a critical part of your engagement process, and the sooner it’s in place, the better.

If your email marketing program already uses a Welcome email, now is the time to review it.

Review your Welcome email for:

  • Promptness: Does it get to the subscriber immediately upon signup?
  • Content: Does it validate the signup and reiterate promises made?
  • Design: Does it complement and reinforce your brand?
  • Rendering: Does it render correctly in different email clients and on mobile devices?
  • Tone: Does it engage?

If you’d like your Welcome email reviewed, or you need help setting one up, turn to ClickMail.

For fun and inspiration both, check out 53 different real-life Welcome emails you can peruse for ideas.

P.S. Was the advice above useful? We “welcome” your feedback!

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