choosing between email service providersIf you’re in the market for a new ESP, creating a list of the best email service providers and getting ready to generate RFPs and do comparisons, I have some startling news for you: The best email service provider for your business might be none at all. Rather, it could be ClickMail is a better fit.

Is ClickMail an ESP? No, and far from it. But we resell the best email service providers to companies like yours, and that gives us several distinct advantages over a typical ESP, advantages that can make your job faster, easier and even cheaper, with vast improvements in your email marketing program as well.

If you haven’t yet considered ClickMail as an alternative to the expensive RFP process and the even more expensive top-tier ESPs, here are seven reasons to take a look at how we’re different.

Reason 1: Get the best of both worlds
Because we resell the nation’s top ESPs, you have access to their robust and powerful platforms for the back end. But upfront, you get to deal with a smaller email marketing agency that can deliver boutique service. Your platform might be mighty but the service you’ll get will be personal.

Reason 2: You’ll have a dedicated account manager
Just how personal, you ask? Well, to start with, you’ll only have one account person you deal with. That’s right: You won’t end up talking to whomever happens to be available at the time you call. Instead, you’ll always be talking to Jessa or Debbie or one of our other outstanding customer service reps. The key difference is, it will always be that same person so you won’t ever have to repeat your reasons for calling. (Because that just gets old, doesn’t it? Having to start all over with your questions or issues every time a new person comes on the phone?) Plus your rep will know your business, your email program and your goals, and they will be like a team member helping you achieve those goals, right from the very start.

Reason 3: Flexible terms and pricing
ClickMail commits to the high volumes and strict terms of the ESPs, then resells the ESP to you without the same level of commitment. This way, you get unprecedented flexibility in terms and pricing. The ESP’s business model is based on one way of doing things. Our business model is based on making it work for your business.

Reason 4: You get specialty services and expertise
As an email marketing agency, we offer so much more than an ESP. That’s because the ESP needs to be focused on the development and running of their platform. We don’t. Instead, our time and energy is spent on email expertise in areas like design, strategy and integration. We can also deploy emails for you, doing as little or as much of the process as you’d like. And our expertise in email deliverability is beyond compare.

Reason 5: You’re up and running faster
Switching ESPs can be a time-consuming hassle, even when you’re choosing from among the best email service providers. There’s a lot of data to migrate over, new features to learn, a dedicated IP to ramp up, and so on. When you go through ClickMail instead, however, that migration time can be drastically reduced, because we’re there to do a lot of the work for you. We’ve helped countless clients with migrations. We got this. In fact, if you decide you want to switch ESPs after migration, you can, and we’ll help you!

Reason 6: You can try before you buy
If you think you have to choose a new email service provider without really having a feel for it, think again. We offer 30-day free trials of the best email service providers, so you can see how well your emails will perform on the new platform, with real-life email deliverability numbers. You can also get a real feel for the platform and how it works. If you don’t like it, you walk away after the 30 days. No ESP can offer you that!

Reason 7: We believe in smarter email
Email is easy. That’s why so much of it is bad…and ineffective. Good email, on the other hand, is smart email. And smarter email is what we do, living by the three key components of smarter email that are interconnected and necessary to each other: the right technology tailored to your needs and easily analyzed.

You might say these are seven solid reasons to be sure ClickMail is on your short list, because—as I said at the beginning—it could be that the best ESP for you is no ESP at all, but rather the boutique service, proven expertise, and unrivaled flexibility that make ClickMail an attractive alternative.

To learn more, call on ClickMail.

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