html email marketing software subject lines with staying power

Subject Lines With Staying Power

Question: How old is the oldest email in your inbox? Chances are it’s more than a few days old—maybe even more than a few weeks old. As I write this, I see the oldest message sitting in my inbox showed up over a year ago!

This is one more reason for writing killer subject lines. Yes, you’re right to focus on getting set up with the right html email marketing software, but that software only helps you get to the inbox. It doesn’t help you stay there. Your subject line can.

 Your subject line affects your deliverability because spammy ones get you blocked. And it plays a crucial role in getting your emails opened once delivered.

But subject lines can also give you staying power in the inbox. Write it right and your email will wait until your recipient can get to it, because the subject line will be enough to remind them why it’s still sitting there. Not every email is acted on right away. If yours is left to deal with later, it’s more likely to still be there later if the subject line is doing its job.

Say you’re selling software and you’re all set for the next campaign, with your html email marketing software platform and your strategic planning done. Compare these two subject lines and tell me which one you think will hang out in the inbox the longest until the recipient has time to get to it:

  • Double Your PC’s Performance in Minutes
  • Save 10% This Week Only

My answer? The first one. I want to know how to make my PC run faster and improve my performance, but maybe I don’t have time this week to get to that email because I’m buried in work or a family crisis. So it will stay in my inbox and next week when things slow down, I’ll see that subject line and think, “Oh yeah, I wanted to read that, and now I have time.” The other email? Delete. It has an expiration date (likely passed). I’m too busy right now. Or I’ll forget what it’s about because it’s so generic.

 Next time you’re crafting that compelling copy for your subject line, keep in mind the longevity you want your email to have in the inbox. And write for keeps.

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