Ideas for Automated Email Content


If you’re not automating triggered emails to specific people in your database, you’re missing out some of the best response rates in online marketing.Timing and relevance are essential to opens and clicks. There’s no better example of good timing and good relevance than automatically sending a message to people whenever they complete an action that’s tracked on your system. Here are some opportunities to send automated emails to your audience.

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How to Respond to a Low Response Rate


One of the best things about email marketing is that it’s easy to measure the effectiveness of your effort. But it’s hard to analyze data if the numbers just aren’t there. Sometimes, an email tanks. However, that doesn’t mean you can’t still learn from it. There are several types of responses that are useful to measure. Unsubscribe Rate is a good thing because it can tell you that the recipients aren’t interested in your products or […]

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Divide and Conquer: Strategies for Segmentation


If you’re looking for a quick way to make a big impact in your deliverability and response rate, consider list segmentation. With email marketing, relevance is key. You want to target your email content, offers, and even subject lines to match the interests of each recipient. If your email marketing solution enables your relational database to generate messages using dynamic content for specific contacts on the fly, more power to you. But you can gain much […]

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Improve Your Frequency by Improving Your Content


Frequency is a critical component of email marketing. Yet how often is too often? Send too many emails and you annoy, perhaps to the point of being marked spam. Email too little and you miss out, because your competitor got into their inbox at just the right time instead of you. There is no universal answer for the question, “How often is too often?” For a B2B company using email to promote an expensive, long sales-cycle […]

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Over 1000 Marketers Have Used the ESPinator to Compare ESPs


Since we released our revolutionary tool for comparing email service providers last year, over 1000 email marketers have received a free online assessment using the ESPinator. Automatically comparing the features of 27 leading email service providers, the ESPinator is the first tool to offer email marketers a vendor-independent way to compare top email solutions. To use the ESPinator, you simply rate questions about email features or criteria based on how important they are to your email marketing program. The tool processes your ranking of the questions, […]

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Work That Inbox: What Email Marketers Can Learn From Networking


If you’re in marketing, chances are you’ve been to a networking event of some kind at some time. A networking event can be any number of things, including a chamber of commerce breakfast, an AMA luncheon or an industry-specific dinner, but they all have the same ultimate purpose: Connecting potential sellers and buyers. Effective networking is a skill. A friend calls the wrong approach to networking not-working. That’s what you’re doing when you go to a […]

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