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Email Service Providers vs. In-House Email Solutions?

As a value-added reseller of Email Service Providers and email-related services, we at ClickMail Marketing often think about what percentage of email marketers turn to advanced solutions providers to deliver their campaigns, and which firms continue to deliver their email marketing campaigns via in-house tools. A recent MarketingSherpa chart outlines these statistics, following a recent survey of more than 1,000 organizations.

After taking a glance at the chart, I have to say, we weren’t surprised. With the increasingly complex tactical requirements of email marketing, it shouldn’t be surprising that twice as many organizations use an advanced, versus a basic, Web-based solution to fulfill their ever changing and complex email marketing needs. Of the total organizations surveyed, about one-third of these use a full-service outsourced ESP. And B2C channel organizations as well as large organizations are much more likely to use an ESP. This makes sense because in both cases, there is undoubtedly greater scope and complexity of email initiatives, which requires the assistance of outsourced ESPs.

As subscribers become increasingly sophisticated, and the interactivity needs between marketing channels grow, it’s not surprising that there is a greater demand for comprehensive services and email marketing solutions. The evolution of the ESP from a simple emailing platform to a full-fledged, feature-rich offering is only natural given the changing landscape of marketing today. The increasing demand from organizations for these features is a clear validation for increasingly sophisticated tools, such as drip and triggered email streams and the integration of web analytics.

In order to stay on top of your game and ahead of the curve, consider employing the use of an ESP to help you with your email marketing program if you aren’t already doing so. And with over a dozen ESP systems in our portfolio, ClickMail (contact info) offers the nation’s largest selection of ESPs while staying vendor neutral. With a “try before you buy” policy, you’ll be sure to find the right system for your needs. We also provide continuing support and an array of services including email marketing expertise in areas from customization to strategy; integration to email deliverability and optimization. We live for this stuff! ClickMail will help you manage your online reputation and accurately measure your delivery rates, to achieve maximum ROI. We’re also there to give you email marketing expertise, allowing you to keep your campaigns cutting-edge while continuing to improve your overall email marketing strategy. Contact Clickmail today!

Published On: November 21st, 2011Categories: Email service providers

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