Compare Email Marketing Services With This Online Tool

Compare Email Marketing Services With This Online Tool

Trying to compare email marketing services and starting to feel like it’s an apples to oranges comparison? That’s okay. It is an apples to oranges comparison! And of course all email marketing vendors are going to tell you their email marketing solution is the best fit for you…because they truly believe it is.

That’s why we built the world’s first online tool for comparing email marketing vendors and services. The ESPinator is web-based tool built to help you find the ESP that best suits your organization’s email marketing needs. You can use it to replace the RFP process or in addition to. You can also use it to evaluate your current ESP.

The Espinator is still in beta due to the diligence required in building a meticulously objective yet thorough tool. We have over a dozen top ESPs in the system right now, and will have at least 30 when we’re done. It takes a long time to add an ESP because of the vetting process. Each email service provider is scrupulously screened and processed to ensure the data we’re inputting into the selector tool is accurate. We’re not taking any ESP answers for granted! With this approach, we’re adding a new email service provider to the tool every couple of weeks.

Those currently in this ESP selection tool include ExactTarget, BlueHornet, Acxiom, e-Dialog, Responsys, Yesmail, WhatCounts and Lyris. Those included—and those we plan to include—cover the entire spectrum of email marketing solutions, from entry-level ESPs to sophisticated, top-tier ESPs.

Even if you’re not switching email service providers, you can use the Espinator to see if your current ESP is in the top three choices selected for you.

It’s an easy referral to make too, if you think your organization should be re-evaluating your current ESP but you’re lacking buy in. Simply send a link to your boss with a note saying it’s an interesting online tool, and might be worth a look.

The Espinator is vendor neutral, completely objective, fast and easy to use. Trying to compare email marketing services and wishing it was an apples to apples comparison? Now it is.

Try the Espinator right now.

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