ESP BlueHornetThere’s no such thing as the best email service provider (ESP). But there is such a thing as the best ESP for you. That’s why we as an email marketing vendor resell over a dozen ESPs, to ensure we match our clients with the best choice for their needs. 

Below is post 1 in our series of 5 posts on the top ESPs we resell and why…because the best ESP is the one that’s best for you. Maybe it’s BlueHornet…

One of the Best ESPs: BlueHornet
Part of BlueHornet’s uniqueness lies in their user interface. It is the most intuitive interface we’ve ever seen among email service providers (ESPs). What does that mean to you? If workflow is a priority and you want to do everything as quickly and efficiently while you’re in the ESP dashboard, BlueHornet might be the best ESP for you.

This kind of easy-to-use interface is also useful when an organization has several people using the ESP, because they can all do so without any worries about level of skill or familiarity. If you are a sophisticated email marketer, you’ll still appreciate the usability because you’ll get everything done faster.

BlueHornet also makes it easy to do the kind of automated drip and triggered emails you know you should for more relevant email marketing…without any integration with a CRM. BlueHornet gives you CRM-like functionality making this ESP one to look at if you’re ready to move into this kind of advanced behavioral marketing.

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Published On: November 19th, 2010Categories: Email service providers

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