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Email Subject Lines: Tis the Season to Pay Attention!

(Updated December 1, 2018) Noticed anything different about your email inbox lately? For instance, maybe it’s even more crowded than usual? The holiday season is upon us…and so are the holiday email marketing campaigns. That means you can take a crash course in email marketing and who is doing what with their email subject lines. Whether the increase in emails pleases or annoys you, stop long enough at each email to pay attention to the email […]

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It Takes More Than an ESP to Improve Email Deliverability

(Updated November 1, 2018) Although it’s 2018, I think we still suffer from confusion about how to improve email deliverability and the role of the email service provider (ESP) in doing so. At ClickMail, we help marketers choose the right ESP for their situation so I see this confusion firsthand when marketers hope switching ESPs will improve email deliverability. The ESP can make a difference, yes, but your choice of ESP is not the determining factor. […]

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Would You Rather Test First or Apologize Later?

(Updated October 23, 2018) As an email technology vendor striving to help clients do a better job marketing, there are two points we tend to harp on because they are so important: relevancy and testing. And testing brings us to another point: avoiding the apology email. I’ve been in this industry for over 2 decades, and I’ve seen a lot of apology emails from companies that messed up. Sure, they send the apology, so that should make […]

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In Email Marketing, Subscribers Still Rule

A lot has changed in email marketing in the past 10 years, but one constant has remained: Subscribers rule. Or at least they should rule. If they don’t drive your email marketing campaigns and strategy, you might need to re-evaluate how you view them. Why so much emphasis on subscribers? Because email marketing should be a long-term tactic. It should be viewed a marathon and not a sprint because mail is not a tool we use for acquisition. […]

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In the Inbox? Good Job! Now Use These 2 Tips to Get Your Email Opened!

(Updated March 29, 2018) You’ve jumped through all those hoops to get that email delivered to the inbox. That in and of itself is a feat, so good job on your email deliverability! But…now what? Now you’re depending on the recipient to open it. Otherwise, what’s the point? And just because you got it to the inbox doesn’t mean they will open it. A delivered email is not yet an effective email Just because your email […]

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