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Ready, Set, Action! Make Your Calls to Action More Actionable With These Tips

Well, we do call it a call to action for a reason, so it’s probably time to retire the venerable ol’ “click here” and move on to something more action-oriented.

In days of old when the web was new and email newer still, “click here” was all we needed. Now, however, we have email marketing html capabilities and the ability to “hide” clickable anchor text into our dazzling email designs. We also have buttons for our calls to action, pretty images and visually complex emails, with lots of details that can compete with our end goal: getting the recipient to take the next step.

Today, getting their attention is hard enough. Getting them to click even more so, making your call to action text more important than ever. Hiring the best email marketing agencies around won’t help if your calls to action are limp, lame, or virtually invisible.

Yes, gone are the “click heres” of yesteryear. Today’s call-to-action button sports active text, and specific words that entice, encourage, and compel.

Compare the old-fashioned and stodgy “click here” to these snazzier calls to action:

  • Get started now
  • Sign me up
  • Tell me more
  • Join now

Even better are those calls to action as specific as can be, like:

  • Lose 5 pounds now
  • Send me my widget
  • Show me the savings
  • Plan my trip
  • Share my photos

These calls to action are very specific, even using a first person pronoun. They are also benefit oriented. They get the recipient to click by reinforcing the value being offered in exchange for doing so.

These examples are not meant as tried-and-true words for your own calls to action. They are examples only. Only you will know which type of call to action works for you, and only testing will tell you that. So get testing now!

Have you had a call to action that outshone the rest in your tests? Do tell! And if you need help with yours or any other aspect of youremail marketing html strategy, call on ClickMail for help.

Published On: August 22nd, 2012Categories: Miscellaneous email marketing topics

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