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A Marketing Marriage! Email Expert Advice for Integrating Content and Email Marketing

Is your email marketing team working independently rather than alongside your content marketing team? Let’s marry the two together for a marketing win win!

Why make such a claim? Because content and email are a match made in marketing heaven. They can give and take to and from each other in such a way that you get a bigger bang for your marketing buck…without a hike in your hours. Now that’s some kind of offspring!

When you develop, curate or find words, videos, photos, podcasts, webinars, infographics or slideshows suitable for your content marketing strategy, consider each and every one of those pieces suitable for your email marketing too.

When a new piece of content becomes part of your mix, even if it’s something you developed for a tradeshow give away or a Facebook promotion, promote it to your subscribers. You don’t have to be an email expert to share the wealth of information you’ve got available to the right people on your list. (Hint: Notice we said the right people on your list. Not everyone on your list should receive an email about every piece of content because your list is segmented, right?)

Your email marketing program can help you to improve your content marketing too, by offering a testing ground to determine which types of content have the biggest appeal. Whether it’s whitepaper vs. webinars or cookbooks vs. case studies, email can help you refine your content offerings to focus on those your prospects and customers are most interested in.

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