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Test for Mobile Rendering and Get Ahead of Your Competition. Way Ahead.

Shocking. Only 25% of B2B email marketers recently surveyed by Pardot test for mobile rendering.

This email marketing consultant thinks that just might be a number that needs to change.

One need only walk down the street or into a coffee shop to see someone checking email on their smartphone or PDA. In fact, I can’t think of a single business person who doesn’t regularly check their email on a mobile device, even in the middle of a meeting.

If most business people are checking email on their mobile devices yet only one-fourth of B2B email marketers are testing for mobile rendering, I see some room for improvement.

And if only one-fourth are doing that kind of testing, that means only one-fourth are making the effort to maximize mobile marketing…and that means a big opportunity for you as the B2B email marketer to add mobile testing to your email marketing program and get ahead of your competition.

Testing for mobile rendering is easy, because email solutions exist for doing so. (And ClickMail can help.) The only reason for not doing it is thinking it doesn’t matter. In an age of email triage with people deleting emails while waiting for lattes, standing out on mobile matters. A lot.

As your email marketing consultant, we urge you to be one of the one-fourth making the extra effort on the third screen. And we’re here to help.


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