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Make Incremental Improvements for Rockin’ ROI

If you’re searching for email solutions as big, huge fixes that will give you big, huge boosts in ROI, consider thinking small instead. Incremental improvements in your email marketing program can add up to that big boost you’re seeking.

As email marketing consultants, we see all kinds of opportunities when new clients come to us. That’s  because email is made up of so many parts. Rather than applying one big email solution to a program, we often find that making all the small ones can do a lot for the bottom line too.

For the next three blog posts, we’ll suggest three ways you can make small changes to your email marketing program, changes that might seem ho hum on their own, but add up to a big difference when taken together.

Our first suggestion: triggered email.

When your email marketing program includes triggered emails that are sent to a customer or user based on a behavior, you’re marketing to people in a very relevant, timely way by following up on an action taken by them. Plus, they are more likely to open these emails since they are quite often transactional, such as order confirmation emails. Welcome emails also enjoy a very high open rate.

Triggered emails can be transactional, or they can arrive on anniversaries, for example, as reminders that it’s time to renew or replenish a supply. They can recommend items likely to be of interest to the consumer based on past behavior. Or offer special pricing.

No matter what the automated, triggered email message does, it does it with no effort from you. So whether that adds up to a little gain or a lot of gain, you win!

Does triggered email sound like a bigger email solution than you’re ready for? It’s not. As long as your in-house solution or email service provider (ESP) can offer the capability to you, it’s only a matter of determining your triggers and messages.

If your current ESP isn’t set up to assist you with triggered email, call on email marketing consultant ClickMail for help. (

Published On: May 18th, 2012Categories: Email marketing best practices

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