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Need Email Solutions? Think Physics

Teenaged me avoided physics in school. It sounded hard, so I took geology and astronomy instead. That’s too bad because grown-up me has enjoyed learning about physics principles, especially how they apply to email marketing.

Take friction, for example. When you learn about physics, you learn friction slows motion. Just as your slick socks will slide across the kitchen floor more easily than your rubber-soled shoes, friction can impede motion in email marketing too. So if you’re looking for email solutions to improve your email marketing ROI, let’s start with friction. Or should I say let’s start with eliminating friction?

Friction happens in email whenever you impede the forward motion of your prospect. Consider these steps along the way from inbox to landing page to buy. At each and every point, you want to make things easy and seamless, removing any possible friction like…

  • The From address: If they don’t recognize it, friction.
  • The subject line: If it doesn’t intrigue, friction.
  • Content: If it’s not relevant, friction.
  • Design: Like content, if it’s not relevant, friction.
  • Images: An email full of images that renders as a bunch of empty boxes–friction!
  • Call to action: If it’s buried or unclear, friction.
  • Landing page: If it lacks a clear transition from email, friction.
  • Form: If it asks for too much information, friction.

Know your physics for email solutions. Stop the friction from email to landing page to buy.

Published On: May 7th, 2012Categories: Miscellaneous email marketing topics

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