As an email expert, we push using triggered emails for several reasons: high open rates, opportunities to cross- and up-sell, relevant and targeted messaging among them.

Here are three more reasons to make triggered emails part of your email marketing program: content marketing, SEO and social sharing.

Content marketing is the new wave, and it touches every marketing channel, from video to social to email. And email is easily adapted to a content marketing strategy because it is content based. SEO is search engine optimization and still a necessary marketing tool, even in a time of social and visual domination (think Facebook and Pinterest). Then there’s the sharing aspect of social that triggered emails can help with too.

Triggered emails can help with both by building your content. Simply make asking for reviews part of your email marketing program.

For example, let’s say a customer bought a book from you. In addition to the purchase confirmation email and shipping confirmation email that are sent when appropriate, you can follow up a week or two later with another triggered email asking for a review. The customer clicks on a link, goes to a landing page, and submits a review that goes live on your website. Instant content that didn’t cost you a thing…or an email expert.

Because it is written by a customer using their terms and language, this kind of content tends to be naturally keyword rich too, for your SEO benefits.

Once the review is live, trigger another email with a link to the review and plenty of social sharing buttons along with text encouraging them to share their review.

There you have it, three reasons to make triggered emails part of your email marketing program: content marketing, SEO and social sharing.

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Published On: April 30th, 2012Categories: Miscellaneous email marketing topics

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