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These Emails Will Up Your Open Rates

If you want to see a jump in open rates, consider putting more emphasis on these two types of emails:

  1. Triggered emails
  2. Editorial emails

A recent MarketingProfs article highlighted findings from a combined Epsilon and DMA Email Experience Council study. The article provides plenty of snapshots and numbers from the report, and I highly recommend taking a look.

However, the biggest takeaway for us as email marketing vendors was the higher open rates enjoyed by triggered and editorial emails. If those emails are getting the higher open rates, you’re not stuck in the smaller numbers with your marketing emails. You simply need to integrate these types of messages into your email marketing program.

According to the article, triggered emails average open rates in the 40% range, and editorial emails are at 33.3%. Who wouldn’t want rates like those?

The reasons for their appeal are obvious. Triggered emails are timely, relevant and targeted. Editorial emails are content-based and useful. And both can be part of your email marketing program.

If you’re not using triggered emails yet, call on this email marketing vendor to lend a hand and get you set up to do so. Then use those triggered emails as channels for doing some up-selling or cross-selling. If an email is triggered by a purchase, say a confirmation email, offer a similar product or a discount on the next purchase.

Editorial emails are easy too. Rather than focus on what you want to do (sell), focus on what your subscribers want to know. Make your marketing messages more content rich with useful information, and play down the promotional part of the message. Or keep editorial and ads separate. You’ll still be more welcome in the inbox if people come to expect great content from your email newsletter. And the higher open rates enjoyed by your editorial emails might lead to higher open rates for your marketing ones too.

Again, if you need some help or direction, call on the email marketing vendors at ClickMail for guidance. Our goal is your success. Triggered and editorial emails can help make that happen.

Published On: April 27th, 2012Categories: Miscellaneous email marketing topics

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