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An Email Consultant Can Give You Back Some Control

Lately our email consultant clients have been expressing some frustration with how the industry works, with all the constant flux and change that makes it so hard to keep up.

Oftentimes email marketers feel like they are at the mercy of factors they can’t control, from the ISPs to the government to corporate email filters to changes in technology. As email consultants, we are keenly aware that email marketing is a constantly changing landscape, and keeping up with changes is one of the more important parts of our job, so that we can help clients do the same.

Knowing what’s going on in the industry is critical. After all, if you haven’t kept up with changes, it can be a big deal, not a minor annoyance. You can suffer a direct financial hit if your deliverability rate drops or you’re blacklisted.

But you don’t have to feel like you’re subject to factors you can’t control if you’re on top of email marketing best practices and enlist email consultants to help. It is the email consultant’s job to know not only what has changed but also what is going to change, so you’re not only caught up but even ahead of the email marketing game. You have enough on your plate with managing your email marketing program. You can’t possibly devote all of the time required to read the blogs, articles and press releases related to the industry. We can. We have to.

So rather than feel like you’re a ship at sea, subject to the changing tides and winds of email marketing, consider hiring email consultants to guide you. You can bring an email expert on board to help as little or as much as you think you need, initially reviewing your program to see where you stand in light of current regulations and practices, then helping you get your stuff up to snuff, then only stepping in periodically to review your progress or jumping in when a major change in pending.

Hiring an email consultant doesn’t have to be a huge commitment on your part, and it can bring a lot of peace of mind when you feel like these factors are just out of your control.

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Published On: April 13th, 2012Categories: Miscellaneous email marketing topics

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