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The Bermuda Triangle of Productivity by Fuchsia Macaree

Where does your email marketing fit into your subscriber’s busy day?

Any email expert will tell you it’s probably not at the top of their to-do list or priorities.

For a reality check on where email does into people’s attention spans, see this wonderful map of the Bermuda Triangle of Productivity by Fuchsia Macaree.

If work (i.e. productivity) falls into the void of this legendary triangle of social media distractions, where does your email marketing fit? It probably fits somewhere in the middle, maybe even with the flailing arms of work trying to stay afloat and on course.

Although the map makes us chuckle–glad we’re not the employer fighting the mysterious forces of social media distracting our employees and impacting our productivity–it should also give us pause as email marketers, laughing while also acknowledging that we too are fighting against those same distractions.

How do we overcome the sucking sound of social? The same way we’ve learned to overcome clutter in the inbox: through relevance and engagement.

If ever an email expert were to argue for relevant and targeted email communications, now would be it…perhaps with this map in hand to help persuade email marketers to change their thinking.

People already had reason to ignore us in the inbox, as they juggled more email than they could manage and learned to do email triage on their handhelds before ever even sitting down at a laptop or PC. Then when Facebook and Twitter arrived on the scene, email marketing was even easier to ignore. Being relevant, timely, engaging and wanted will make sure your email messages are always afloat and on course.

Published On: April 4th, 2012Categories: Miscellaneous email marketing topics

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