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The New Trend: “Servant” Marketing From MarketingSherpa

Direct marketing, inbound marketing, permission marketing, content marketing and, of course, email marketing. You’re familiar with all of those. But as marketing continues to evolve, so too does the way we refer to—and think about—it and email marketing best practices.

Introducing “servant” marketing, the trend featured in the just-released excerpt from the Email Marketing Handbook: Second Edition.

Dubbing it “servant” marketing turns marketing itself on its head, fully and finally, perhaps, shifting the focus to a subscriber-centric approach to email marketing.

Writing in the “From the Author” section of the Email Marketing Handbook: Second Edition, W. Jeffrey Rice Senior Research Analyst for MarketingSherpa, describes the trend as follows:

“The trend towards ‘servant’ marketing focuses on creating opportunities to invite customer engagement, rather than tearing the door down. This strategy uses the both user-submitted and behavior data, to provide meaningful guidance in a manner that reveals a brands humility, transparency and desire to improve the lives of its community members. As this strategy matures, the attention shifts from individual tactic metrics, to overall engagement metrics uncovering the total time spent actively participating with the brand.”

Of the 252 pages that make up the handbook, the excerpt includes only the first 9 pages, but that little excerpt is more than a taste. It introduces the trend. And it includes the six steps email marketers can take to tap into the trend of “servant” marketing:

1.    Identifying impact and purpose

2.    Email marketing integration

3.    Content creation

4.    Quality list growth

5.    List hygiene and monitoring deliverability statistics

6.    Testing and optimization

Plus the excerpt includes the full 8-page Table of Contents, giving you an overview of all the rest of the email marketing best practices information included in the full handbook.

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