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(Heart) Your Subscribers…Today and Every Day

Today is Valentine’s Day, a day about love: love of spouse, love of family…and—for email marketers—love of subscribers.

Yep, February 14 is a great day to remember how much you appreciate these people who willingly get your marketing messages. In fact, every day is a great day to show some subscriber love! With email marketing, showing appreciation and consideration for your subscribers is so easy, there’s no reason not to do it.

With this blog, we’re at a disadvantage. You’re likely reading this because you came across it during a Google or Bing search for an email marketing agency or some tips for email your in-house email list. You didn’t sign up for it, and it’s not something you regularly expect to see in your inbox. As a blog, this marketing medium can’t very well show you any lovin’ beyond being useful and full of email marketing best practices.

Your email marketing program, on the other hand, can easily show some much-needed care and concern. After all, your subscribers signed up to hear from you. They expect to see your email messages in their inboxes and on their smartphones. Reciprocate with consideration. Offer them a preference center so they can tell you when and how they want to hear from you. Be mindful in your messaging, really and truly thinking through what the subscriber wants to hear vs. what you want to say. Segment your lists and thoughtfully message different segments in different ways. Study your web analytics for opportunities to market based on specific buying behaviors.

And above all, be engaging. There’s a reason an “engagement” is the stage before a marriage. For you, the engagement is the stage before the sale. Be thoughtful and loving of your subscribers, considerate of their needs, wants and desires, and you might find that lovin’ headed right back to you as increased ROI.

Happy Valentine’s Day to you, your family and your email subscribers from ClickMail, the email marketing agency with a heart.

Published On: February 14th, 2012Categories: Email marketing best practices

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