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Standard Email Metrics Why? Because It’s not all the S.A.M.E.

We see it as an email marketing agency just about every day: A marketing team tries to choose a new email service provider (ESP), yet is frustrated by the apples to oranges comparisons one must make in an industry that lacks standardized metrics.

That’s why we publish and keep up-to-date our Digital Marketing Solutions guide. And it’s the motivation behind our creation of the ESPinator online ESP selection tool.

Providing you with these tools ensures your ESP choice is the right one for your organization and its email marketing goals. Yet more standardization is needed and we applaud the Email Experience Council’s (eec) efforts to bring this about via S.A.M.E.

S.A.M.E. stands for Support Adoption of Metrics for Email. S.A.M.E. came about when the eec tasked its Measurement Accuracy Roundtable to create a set of standardized metrics for industry adoption. The standards were developed and a seal created that an email marketing provider like an ESP can use to promote both adherence to the standards and the eec’s auditing of the ESP to ensure that adherence.

For ClickMail as an email marketing agency vs. an ESP, the metrics don’t apply, but we will be adapting the new reporting structure and ensuring our data on the ESPs we represent and resell includes which providers have met the eec’s requirements.

And soon enough, with the eec’s efforts and the voluntary adoption of S.A.M.E. by email service providers, those ESP comparisons might start to look a little less like fruit salad and a little more like apples alone.

Learn more about S.A.M.E.

Published On: February 10th, 2012Categories: Miscellaneous email marketing topics

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