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Mobile Marketing: New Report Has Stats You Need Now

Is 2012 the year you tackle mobile marketing in earnest? Definitely download the new mobile email marketing report. You’ll get statistics that matter and can guide your mobile marketing plan.

The “Mobile Email Opens Report” from Knotice, offers crucial data for marketers because the mobile email open rate is a measurement of email opens occurring on mobile devices and tablets compared to the opens on desktops and laptops. It’s not your typical open rate measurement, comparing open rates to email delivery rates.

Although the report is rich with data, for us as an email marketing agency, the insights from these numbers are a reminder of the importance of providing an optimized mobile email experience. Although overall mobile marketing open rates are up, increasing by over 51%, that doesn’t correlate with an equal increase in click throughs, perhaps because of the lack of optimized email.

This study shows that as much as we want recipients to re-open our emails when back at their desks, to have a better user experience and increase the likelihood of a click through and conversion, in reality:

“Only 3.09% of the 701 million emails sampled were opened on both mobile devices and desktop (same email opened on each). And of that 3.09%, only one-third are opening on mobile device first, viewing the same email on desktop later. This further reinforces that the concept of “they can read it later on a desktop version that renders better” just isn’t happening with consumers.”

Those numbers mean 97% of the time emails are ignored or deleted if not optimized for mobile devices.

In addition, the report clearly demonstrates that the email click to open rate on mobile devices is far lower than the rate on desktops and laptops. The way to improve the click to open rate is by offering an optimized mobile email experience. If your company needs guidance in revamping your email marketing program for mobile marketing, turn to ClickMail.

The need for an optimized mobile email user experience is only one of the many insights to be gleaned from this mobile marketing report. Draw your own conclusions and guide your 2012 mobile marketing plan using the reports easy-to-read data for:

  • Overall mobile email opens by device and OS
  • Mobile email opens by 11 industry segments
  • Mobile email click activity by industry segment
  • Mobile email click activity by OS
  • Mobile email activity by time-of-day
  • Comparison of tablets and smartphones

Mobile marketing has arrived and it’s time to address it as a separate marketing channel, not simply email delivered via a smartphone. The Knotice report concludes with this reminder for all marketers to take to heart while planning for mobile marketing in the upcoming months:

“If marketers are not prepared for mobile users and adapting their programs and platforms accordingly they risk turning away significant business opportunities, and perhaps worse, losing a long-term customer to a competitor who has embraced mobile as a key component of their digital programs for 2011 and beyond.”

Download a pdf of the mobile email marketing report.

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