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Avoid Common Email Marketing Mistakes With This Timely Advice

December is coming to a close as the year 2011 winds down. And that means now is the time for taking stock of your email marketing program. Don’t worry, we aren’t going to give you any overwhelming challenges or painful to-do lists, not with the holidays upon us. No, we’ve got some great, concrete advice for you to get your email marketing program off to a successful start in 2012 with not a lot of effort.

That’s because Scott Hardigree of Indiemark has written a thorough and useful post on improving your email marketing program, just in time for you to take stock at year’s end.

From the first impression to marketing automation, from focusing on the wrong things to ignoring the right things, Scott points out the most common mistakes we see as an email marketing agency…and how to fix them.

We particularly like his statements about first impressions, because the old adage is so true in email: You never get a second chance to make a first impression. Scott’s advice includes creating a really good welcome email, one that makes a good first impression and drives some ROI to boot. And he goes farther, suggesting a series of emails to tell your story and “onboard” these prospects, making them more likely to convert to customers later.

In the comments below the post, Scott says the second most common email marketing mistake he lists is probably the biggest, and we as an email marketing agency must agree. The mistake? “Not working hard enough where it really matters,” says Scott. He correctly states that with the demands email marketing places on our budgets and time, we have to prioritize so we spend that budget and time wisely.

In particular, Scott recommends investing more in list growth, because “email marketing is largely a numbers game.” The key is the quality list over the quantity list, as we’ve pointed out often in this email marketing blog. That’s where it truly requires an investment in order to make that quality list growth happen.

Speaking of investments, reading through Scott’s advice will go quickly, and will be well worth the five minutes you spend on it.

Then if you find you need help implementing any of his advice, you know where to turn: Turn to ClickMail. We’re here to help you identify and overcome not only the most common email marketing mistakes, but the lesser-known ones too.

Published On: December 19th, 2011Categories: Miscellaneous email marketing topics

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