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Email Marketing Remains ROI King

A recent article by Ken Magill confirms what we at ClickMail Marketing have been preaching (ah, sweet confirmation): that is, that email marketing is “returning vastly more for every dollar spent on it this year than every other marketing channel,” according to the Direct Marketing Association’s just-released Power of Direct economic impact study.

Specifically, email marketing is bringing in $40.56 for every dollar spent on it this year, according to the DMA. When compared to other marketing channels, the ROI of email marketing is unsurpassed. Direct mail catalogs have a ROI of just $7.30, while internet channels see quite a bit more, but not as much as email: internet search has a return of $22.24, Internet display advertising sees a return of $19.72 and mobile returns just a bit more than direct mail: $10.51.

For those of us in email marketing, it’s not a surprise to read the DMA’s report that internet marketing will greatly surpass direct mail in 2016, by over $250 billion of conversions. It’s predicted that internet marketing will result in $970.3 billion of sales in 2016 compared to direct mail’s $724.1 billion.

Even though some portend the downfall of email, largely due to a decrease from its ROI high in 2006, an estimated $52.23 for every dollar, it’s still a very viable marketing channel, especially when email’s reach is expanded to include mobile.  As more users convert to smartphones and tablets, and utilize corresponding mobile applications to check email and perform transactions, mobile ROI is only going to climb.

As we see the rise in mobile marketing, it’s important to get a jump on the trend and ensure that your emails are optimized for the mobile landscape. For even more information on how to “mobilize” your emails, see our recent blog post on making your emails mobile.

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