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Email Marketing Best Practices - Getting Personal

I shouldn’t say “oldie but goodie” but I think something six months old is actually old in the email marketing world.

I am referring to a MarketingSherpa chart published in February 2011  showing tactics used to improve the relevancy of emails. I looked it up again as I’ve been thinking on making email not only more relevant, but more, shall we say, personal? And by personal, I mean customer-centric.

In a way, personal is what we mean when we say relevant. What is relevant email content to me differs from what’s relevant to you why? Because we are two different people with different wants, needs, interests, likes and dislikes. When an email is truly relevant, it feels personal…like it is meant for me.

When you look at this MarketingSherpa chart showing tactics used by organizations to improve relevancy, all five do just that–improve relevancy–and by making the emails not only more relevant, but more personal.

The messages are segmented: More personal.

Organizations use preference centers so subscribers can get email when and how they want: More personal.

Messages are dynamic: More personal.

And triggered messages arrive at just the right time in just the right circumstances: More personal.

More relevant, yes. But these tactics work because they make email more personal. And that’s email marketing best practices at their best.

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Published On: August 1st, 2011Categories: Email marketing best practices

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