Email Marketing Best Practices: Ask for Address at Each Touch Point

Email Marketing Best Practices: Ask for Address at Each Touch Point

These days, people can find you any number of ways. They might type a search term into Google and find your website or your blog. They might see a posting on a friend’s Facebook wall and find you that way. A tweet might lead them to your store or home page. Or maybe a YouTube video gets shared and they learn about you that way.

It’s a bonanza, having all the new ways to get introduced to new prospects. So let’s make the most of all those touch points to build your in-house email list.

If you’re only selling email signups on your website, keep in mind that people might not make it to your web page. They might only check out your blog. Or your Facebook page. They might follow you on Twitter and be done.

If you ask for email signups at each point of contact, you’ll increase the likelihood of getting them as subscribers, and that gives you a better chance of marketing to them later. Email can be pushed out to subscribers. Rather than waiting for them to go to your site, go to your blog, go to your Facebook page or read your tweets, you can reach out to them.

If your website doesn’t yet do all it can to promote signing up for emails, get that squared away a.s.a.p. Then tackle the other channels. Does your Facebook page sell email signups? Do your tweets on occasion suggest people subscribe? If not, take action to make it so.

Published On: July 6th, 2011Categories: Email marketing best practices

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