improve email deliverability with FreshAddress

Improve Email Deliverability With FreshAddress

The place to start when you need to improve email delivery—after making sure you have the right ESP for you, that is—is with your in-house email list.

To impact your email marketing deliverability in a positive way, your in-house email list must be two things: 1) permission-based through your sign-up process, and 2) clean, with hard bounces and unsubscribes removed on a regular basis. It can be hard to say goodbye to those bad addresses though, because we email marketers watch our list size go down any time we remove a name.

For help with keeping your list clean, building  your list, and reconnecting with email subscribers lost when an email address changed, look to FreshAddress. FreshAddress helps companies and nonprofits build, clean and update their email address lists.

They are the undisputed leaders in these types of email list services. In 2004, FreshAddress patented their email change of address (ECOA) service. Then in 2008, FreshAddress purchased Return Path’s ECOA business for even stronger ECOA and hygiene offerings and match rates.

Through their patented ECOA services, FreshAddress does B2C and B2B email appending, list cleaning and hygiene, and real-time email address correction, among other services. Organizations can work with FreshAddress directly, or through partners like ClickMail.

In addition to the patented service, FreshAddress makes it easier for you to educate yourself on ways to improve email deliverability. They offer 15 different whitepapers for download at their website. Any one of these presents useful information for managing and maintaining your in-house email list.

And keeping that list clean will go a long ways toward keeping your email marketing deliverability up.

Published On: June 29th, 2011Categories: Miscellaneous email marketing topics

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