Email Marketing Best Practices: Is Gmail's Priority Inbox Really an Issue?

Email Marketing Best Practices: Is Gmail's Priority Inbox Really an Issue?

Earlier, I blogged on a useful article BlueHornet published on dealing with the issue of Gmail’s Priority Inbox. It’s a great article with great email marketing best practices for mastering the filtering of Gmail. (URL here for earlier post) What I’m not sure about is how much of an “issue” Gmail’s Priority Inbox really is.

After literally years of using Outlook, I started using Gmail in March so I’d have a better understanding of how it worked. It took quite a learning curve! Now that I’m 80% used to it, I like it. I think I still prefer Outlook because of the task and calendar integration, but I’m going to stick with Gmail until I really master it and then we’ll see.

It’s funny to read about a thing and then to experience that thing. I started using Gmail so I’d be familiar with it as someone who blogs about email marketing best practices, I didn’t turn on Priority Inbox. There was so much hoopla about Priority Inbox, I assumed Gmail would work that way by default. And I didn’t notice any prioritizing going on, obviously.

When I realized I wasn’t using Priority Inbox–and the hoopla was continuing–I figured out how to turn it on. I’ve tried using it the last few days. I like that I can easily go back and forth between the Priority Inbox and the just plain old regular Inbox. I prefer the regular inbox. I can tell at a glance what’s unread and I can easily see what’s important or not. Plus I don’t want to take the time to train Gmail on which emails I deem important or not.

I tried searching online for stats on how many people are using Priority Inbox. No luck. Are you using it? Do you think it’s making the email marketer’s job harder? Are there email marketing best practices beyond BlueHornet’s advice that we should be mindful of to master this prioritizing?

Published On: June 9th, 2011Categories: Email marketing best practices

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