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Tips for Getting Noticed in Gmail's Priority Inbox

Is getting through to your Gmail users a challenge for your organization? Then you’ll be glad to know BlueHornet has published a handy article on email marketing best practices for Gmail. It’s a useful article for marketers seeking out email marketing best practices to work around the Priority Inbox issue. The advice is spot on.

Two pieces of advice in particular stood out to me as email marketing best practices to adopt. BlueHornet points out that in addition to your subject line, the first few words of your email will be included, up to 70 characters. As a Gmail user, I do look at those first words to decide if I want to open an email immediately or not.

BlueHornet also suggests asking recipients to star your email as a way to tell Gmail that email from you is important, so your email will be treated as such in the future. How they say it is brilliant: Suggest that your recipients star it to read later because it’s long in nature. That shows the recipients you’re thoughtful and Gmail you matter.

The article includes more email marketing best practices for dealing with the Priority Inbox, including testing, testing, testing. Both of the email marketing best practices mentioned above will require testing to master, from figuring out the best snippet test to figuring out the best way to asked to be starred.

Any and all email marketing best practices require testing. And we’re always proponents of that!

Published On: June 9th, 2011Categories: Email marketing best practices

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