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Email Design and Coding Best Practices

Here at ClickMail, we’re primarily a value-added reseller of ESPs and an email deliverability consultant. However, we also offer email design and technical services, so we keep up with what’s going on in the world of email marketing best practices for everything, including email design and coding.

The newly published “Email Design and Coding Recommendations” guide from Responsys is by far the most detailed email design and coding guide I’ve seen to date. It covers not only HTML email design, but mobile and text email design as well. Yes, text email. This is the first time I’ve seen such detailed instructions for text email design.

It includes advice for Facebook Messages (hint: text will matter!) and coding advice for dealing with an ever-changing world of standards. It also includes advice the likes of which I haven’t seen before, such as including Forward-to-a-Friend and social sharing links as secondary calls to action within the body text of your email; taking into account the size of the finger that’s going to tap on a link; and the use of “recovery modules,” an extra block of content that’s your last ditch effort to offer the recipient something of interest to click on if they didn’t find anything else tempting up above.

Email marketing best practices. They are all around you. To find so many in one place is a real treat, especially for your email design and coding team. Download it now, and share with them…soon. They’ll be grateful!

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