keeping up to speed with email marketing best practices

Keeping You Up to Speed With Email Marketing Best Practices

At a recent marketing conference, I was struck by two things: 1) the predominance of “content” as a topic, and 2) my assumptions about people’s level of knowledge.

Sometimes as an email marketing vendor we can be so immersed in the daily business of email–constantly keeping up with email marketing best practices and industry changes–that we forget not everyone knows what we know.

Whether it’s creating this email marketing blog, writing our email marketing newsletter, researching possible email marketing whitepapers, or updating our annual guide to choosing an ESP,  we might lose sight of the real need for knowledge among email marketers who are new to the field or realizing email marketing can be much more effective with the right tools and knowledge.

Many of the attendees at the conference were hungry for basic knowledge…knowledge I admittedly assume everyone to have. But our field is a funny one. It doesn’t work the way other fields do. No one graduates with a degree in email marketing and starts out in the job market armed with the necessary email marketing tools and knowledge. Instead, our field tends to be a learn-as-you-go one.

Thank goodness for all of the conferences, blogs, newsletters and articles that industry leaders put out for email marketers to learn from. Email marketing is a crazy business at times. Things can change so rapidly and constantly, like ISP expectations or design requirements. Yet others are set in stone, like the importance of list hygiene and the need to maximize your email deliverability rate.

If this blog is a resource for you as an email marketing newbie or someone looking to be more sophisticated about your use of email marketing, and you have topics you want addressed, please leave a comment here and we’ll do so in future blog posts.

And always feel free to reach out directly to ClickMail for help! We are your email marketing vendor!

Published On: April 28th, 2011Categories: Email marketing best practices

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