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Compare Email Marketing Services? The ESPinator Eliminates the Guesswork

There are over 100 email service providers (ESPs). And your ESP choice is critical. How well it performs, its impact on your email deliverability rate, the ease of use of the platform…the ESP you choose will directly affect your email marketing ROI. You can’t risk choosing just any ESP. It absolutely must be the right one for your business…and business objectives.

So how do you compare email marketing services objectively? How do you choose? Well, you can download our newly updated guide to choosing an ESP.

Or use the ESPinator , the first ever online tool designed to aid you in objectively selecting the right ESP for you.

ClickMail Marketing is unique among email marketing vendors and email deliverability consultants because we are completely vendor neutral as a reseller. We built the ESPinator—from the ground up—to give you the best results possible when you’re trying to compare email marketing services.

The ESPinator can save you money too by eliminating the need for a lengthy RFP process. Or use it to generate a shortlist for your RFPs.

To use it, all you do is answer a series of questions on a scale of 1 to 5. Using standard deviation techniques, the ESPinator ranks the ESPs according to your responses and displays the top three ESPs for you.

Trying to compare email marketing services? Try the ESPinator . It couldn’t be any easier to find your new ESP…and make the right choice.

Published On: February 17th, 2011Categories: Email service providers

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