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When It Comes to Metrics and Measuring ROI, Email Marketing Wins Over Social Media

For all the talk of email is dead and social media is the new marketing marvel, there’s one way email is still a far better marketing tool than social: the ability to measure ROI!

Try searching for information on how to measure social media ROI and your head will spin. First you have to be clear on what you mean by social media. Facebook? YouTube? Blogs? Then try and sort out the ROI and it’s hard! There are a lot of different ideas out there on what and how to measure, but nothing clear cut.

And it’s not just the ROI that email does better. Email marketing serves up all kinds of metrics you can act on. Plus when you combine those metrics with your web analytics, you can compile a treasure trove of data that will enable you to segment more, target better, and deliver even more email marketing ROI.

Plus being more mature, email marketing best practices have been refined, from email deliverability best practices to subject line best practices. You don’t need to fumble around or start from scratch. All the insight is there for you to draw from and implement, for better email marketing practices from day one.

As email marketing vendors, we are also fans of social media and encourage our clients to integrate their social media and email marketing programs. But when it comes to facts and numbers, and being able to tweak, test and target for better results, email marketing still wins over social media.

Published On: October 28th, 2010Categories: Email marketing best practices

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