You’re testing, testing, testing, right? And measuring? Just making sure you’re heeding our email marketing best practice advice!

When you’re measuring, and you’re seeing an improvement in email delivery but a decline in open rates, you might have something other than email deliverability problems. You might have an infliction that can strike any email marketer, no matter how well they adhere to email marketing best practices: You might be boring.

If open rates go down, it could be your creative is tired, meaning people are tired of it and feel like if they open it, they’ll see the same old, same old, so why bother?

Or maybe it’s list fatigue. If you’ve been offering the same deals using the same creative with the same copy time and time again, your recipients are probably bored and have no reason to open your email: They already know what it says.

The only solution is to change it up! The only way you’ll re-engage those folks is with new subject lines, new creative and new offers.

Can you delight your subscribers somehow? Surprise them with catchy images, clever text or a swanky offer? Can you change the subject line so it’s obvious this is something new, to increase the chance that they’ll open your email? You could even use something along the lines of “We’re no longer doing boring offers.” (And of course test every change you make!)

You might be doing everything right, adhering to all the email marketing and email deliverability best practices. But just like you might show up at a party wearing just the right outfit and sipping just the right cocktail, if you’re boring to talk to, you’ll be avoided.

Can your email be the life of the party?

Published On: September 17th, 2010Categories: Email marketing best practices

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