Compare Email Marketing Services

Stymied by all the email service providers? Confused by Email Service Providers (ESP) vs. marketing automation software? Frustrated by poor email deliverability? Not sure where to turn for creative that adheres to email marketing best practices?

Start here. You don’t need to spend your time and energy to compare email marketing services when we can do it for you. Yes, this is a self-serving blog post. But also a necessary one. At ClickMail, we are vendor neutral. And that’s something you need to know when you set out to compare email marketing services.

As an email marketing vendor, we resell over a dozen ESPs and other email marketing services, so you get set up with the one that fits your email marketing program and goals. Whether it’s an ESP like ExactTarget, marketing automation like Marketo, or testing tools like Pivotal Veracity, we’ll steer you toward the right product or service.

ClickMail is unusual as an email marketing vendor but representing a variety of service providers has obvious benefits for you as the email marketer: You can use a top-tier service without paying a top-tier price. Because we are the customer of the service provider, we buy from then, and then can sell you what fits your budget and size, so you’re not paying for licenses or fees on more than you need.

If you’re spinning your wheels trying to compare email marketing services, stop. Turn to ClickMail instead. We’ve done the comparing for you.

Published On: June 24th, 2010Categories: Email service providers

About the Author: Jared LaRock

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