Are You Testy? Count That Among Your Best Practices for Email Marketing

We harp on best practices for email marketing, as you know if you spend any time with this email marketing blog. And among those best practices is testing.

As an email marketing vendor, we talk a lot about testing, but we don’t see a whole lot of it really going on. So here’s an idea for encouraging you to implement more testing as a best practice for email marketing: Be testy.

I don’t mean be crabby, but I do mean have a testing mindset. View every single email you send as an opportunity to test and learn. Even if you’ve been doing something the same way for a long time, still be willing to try something new.

Test something every single time, every single email. Even the little things you tend to overlook, like the placement of your Forward to a Friend or your Facebook link. What about the language in your footer?

Remember: Improving your email marketing ROI doesn’t come only from changes that result in double digit improvements. Any little tweak that increases your deliverability, open rate, click throughs, conversions, forwards, Facebook fans, Twitter followers…or that decreases your bounces, spam complaints or unsubscribes is a good thing. Because in email, a little can go a long way…good or bad.

There’s always room to improve but you won’t find where to improve without testing new ideas to see if something else works better than what you’re already doing. Are you ready to be testy?

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