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Get Delivered: Content as Email Deliverability Best Practice

Want an easy way to great email deliverability? Focus on great content. When people want what you’re sending, they await your emails and open them at a much higher rate than other emails. That engagement looks good in the eyes of the ISPs, improving your sender reputation, and they are more likely to let your emails through their gateways as a result.

What is great content? Great content is relative. It could be funny cartoons. Or great quotes. I get a daily quote from and look forward to each and every one, even though each email is also intended to get me to do more than enjoy the quote.

Great content might be sports scores from the latest games or case studies telling how a customer used email marketing technology to increase sales. It could be baby care tips or one-dish recipes. Great content could be user information on new software, tips for network engineers or just about anything.

It all depends on your audience…and it depends on you to figure out what they consider great content.

Then your subscribers depend on you to make the great content show up in their inboxes.

Yes, email deliverability is affected by multiple factors, including choosing the best ESP, practicing great list hygiene, using permission-based email lists, and more. But beyond those mechanics, you can likely improve your delivery rate without even outsourcing for email deliverability services, simply by delivering great content.

Need help maximizing your email deliverability? Call on this email deliverability consultant.

Published On: August 24th, 2012Categories: Email deliverability

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