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Getting Into the Inbox: 3 Ways to Weather the Waves of Change

As we just wrote about last week, the email marketing industry can be frustrating because so many factors are outside of your control, factors that can keep you out of the inbox.

Working with email consultants will definitely help you overcome the challenges of our ever-changing industry, but there are also some tried-and-true email marketing best practices that will help you weather the waves of change and get into the inbox on a consistent basis.

These are email marketing best practices that have worked before and will continue to work. If you haven’t implemented them already, implement them now and be in a better position to handle the fluster and flux of email marketing in 2012…and beyond.

  1. Segmentation: Focused segmentation can do wonders for your email deliverability because it means targeted, relevant email messages people will want to receive. Segmentation should be a required email marketing best practice and it’s one even a small mom-and-pop marketer can manage at a basic level. Yes, the big guys are segmenting to the nth degree and using complex web analytics and behavior marketing, but the small- to mid-size business can also be more relevant with some simple segmentation. If you need help figuring that out, just ask.
  2. Data Hygiene: Keeping your list clean will also help you weather the waves of change. A clean list means a better online reputation means a higher deliverability rate. For tips on scrubbing your list for better data hygiene, see this advice pulled together by the email consultants at ClickMail.
  3. Content: A solid and consistent content strategy will keep your emails relevant and your audience engaged, no matter how regulations change or technologies shift. Content can be words, images, newsletters, tips, articles, or almost anything else, as long as it appeals to your audience as great content they anxiously await. (What kind of ISP would say “no” to content like that?)

There you have it, three email marketing best practices from the email consultants at ClickMail that are sure to help you get into the inbox no matter what the email marketing powers that be throw your way.

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Sharon Ernst from is on a mission to improve the business and marketing writing skills of today’s workforce with her blog, newsletter and online classes. Her newest class on intermediate email copywriting covers 19 tips and techniques non-copywriters can put to use right away for better results. The class has real-life examples and before/after comparisons to make the lessons stick. Find her class at When she’s not busy helping employees, managers and marketers master their writing skills, she and her husband are busy raising pigs, cows, chickens and vegetables on their 20-acre farm.

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