email marketing best practices message spreads like weeds when email marketing part of content marketing

Your Message Spreads Like Weeds When Email Is Part of Your Content Marketing Program

Rarely a day goes by now that we don’t see something about content marketing. It might be the subject of a blog post, an article or a new book, but it’s definitely a hot topic right now!

Which begs the question, how does email marketing fit with content marketing?

Quite well, thank you very much!!

Content marketing is new enough that there isn’t yet one agreed upon definition. One marketer might tell you it means acting like a publisher while another will tell you it’s being strategic, and yet another might say it’s repurposing content. In general, content marketing means strategically using quality content via different channels to engage your audience. Or at least that’s our take on it!

And as your email marketing vendors of choice, we’re here to say email marketing was made for content marketing! As we’ve mentioned before, many times, repurposing your content across channels is key to reaching a broader audience. And that’s what you can do when your email marketing becomes part of your content marketing.

Whether it’s a promotional email or an email newsletter, it has the potential to be used again somewhere else, like in your blog or on your Facebook page. Or maybe an article in your email newsletter gets expanded into a tip sheet…that you promote via your email marketing program and social media marketing. Maybe a webcast is summarized in an email, or a series of email newsletter articles become an ebook. You get the idea.

If you think “create once, use multiple times,” you’ll have a good start on content marketing. And if you include email in the mix and put the emphasis on quality and relevance, you’ll have a running start on effective content marketing!

Published On: January 30th, 2011Categories: Email marketing best practices

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