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Email Marketing Best Practices: Make Your Email Newsletter More Personal?

A thought for 2011: Make your email newsletter more real.

The world is increasingly social and connected. I predict we’re starting to expect that we’ll only hear from real people and buy from businesses we can associate with names and faces.

It’s only a prediction, mind you. Most websites I visit and email newsletters I receive remain generic. Only blogs are typically personal, meaning you see a name and a photo of a real person. Websites and email newsletters, on the other hand, often lack names, faces…any real people at all.

What if you changed that? Changing your website is a big deal, I realize. But changing your email newsletter? What if you made the From address a real person? (With some kind of branding, of course, so the recipient would know whom it was from. For example, an email newsletter from ClickMail might be From: Marco Marini, ClickMail Marketing, instead of simply from Marco Marini. Your subscriber will know the ClickMail name but not necessarily your CEO’s name.

And what if you added a photo of that person? And included a welcome letter written more like it was from a single person, not a marketing department?

The bulk of your email newsletter content would stay the same. But it would be in a much friendlier, more “social” context. You might just improve email deliverability as a result, as your subscribers are more receptive to an email newsletter perceived as more personal than a corporate one!

Just something to think about! Or test!

Published On: January 20th, 2011Categories: Email marketing best practices

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