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Triggered Emails for B2B Can Lead to Higher ROI

A few months ago we published a blog on triggered emails in the Email Experience Council’s blog.

So I was interested to read BtoB Online magazine’s article about B2B triggered emails, with suggestions for triggered email messages appropriate for the B2B email marketer to incorporate into his or her campaigns.

Triggered email messaging suggestions included:

  • Welcome emails
  • Post-purchase emails
  • News and staff changes
  • Anniversary or birthday emails (yes, you can do those in B2B email marketing!)
  • And, of course, follow up emails after a sales meeting or trade show

The point is, you probably have reasons to reach out to your prospects more often (but not too often!), and that reaching out keeps you top of mind, just as it does the B2C email marketer.

As an email marketing vendor and email deliverability consultant, our own client base tends to be a mix of B2B and B2C companies. Which makes me wonder: Is there more the B2B email marketers should be emulating from the B2C email marketers? With smaller in-house email lists and different buying cycles, we tend to think of the B2B email marketing programs needing different tactics. But maybe there’s more crossover than we realize. Maybe B2B should look to B2C more often for email marketing best practices to emulate. What do you think?

Published On: December 17th, 2010Categories: Email marketing best practices

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