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Why This Email Marketing Vendor Is Your Source for Other Vendors

Sometimes it’s hard to be different.

Like when you’re unique among email marketing vendors. You get a lot of questions like, “What is ClickMail?” Because we’re different, people can’t easily put us in a category and that can lead to confusion.

What makes us so different? We are vendor agnostic. We are a vendor that resells other email marketing vendors, yes, but we sell more than one. In fact, we resell over a dozen different email service providers (ESPs). That’s what can be confusing, as email marketers are used to other resellers only offering one ESP.

But we’re different like that for a reason, and the reason might surprise you: ClickMail exists because there isn’t a “best” ESP! There are top-tier ESPs, and top-rated ESPs, definitely. But there can’t be a best ESP because email marketing needs of every organization is different. There is a best ESP for you, however. And that’s where ClickMail comes in: We focus on your specific needs, so we can fit you with the ESP right for you, your email marketing program and your company’s current and future goals.

Over the next several blog posts, we’re going to drill down into some of the ESPs we resell:

  1. Bluehornet
  2. ExactTarget
  3. Lyris
  4. Silverpop
  5. Yesmail

And why those five? Because each of them has unique strengths that set them apart from either ESPs. Together, they enable us as an email marketing vendor to offer our client just the right kind of ESP. If reporting is a priority, we might look at Silverpop. Robust APIs? ExactTarget. Customer acquisition? Yesmail. And so on. You tell us the needs, we’ll tell you which ESP will best meet those needs.

Then the question is, “Why should I buy from ClickMail, rather than the ESP?” Good question, and another we get asked a lot. Essentially buying through ClickMail means you’re working with a smaller company and that can mean more flexible contract and payment terms. It means we can get you set up and resolve issues faster because our relationships with the ESPse gives us a different way into that company. It also means competitive pricing and an extra layer of customer support. And we can help with integration, creative services and even deployment.

But perhaps the two most important reasons are 1) that you’ll have the ESP right for you, and 2) you can take ESPs for a test drive with ClickMail.

Yes, a test drive. ClickMail is unique because we can offer 30-day trials so you can really truly try before you buy.

Next we’re going to delve into the uniqueness of some of the ESPs and why they’re on our roster. Stay tuned…

Published On: November 18th, 2010Categories: Miscellaneous email marketing topics

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