Email Marketing Best Practices Mean Start With the Substance, not the SWYN

Email Marketing Best Practices Mean Start With the Substance, not the SWYN

I just read an article on SWYN adoption, asking is it as widespread among retailers as people think it is (and the answer was “no”), but we might have missed the point here.

If you have a Share With Your Network function in your email, but your email isn’t worth sharing, does the function matter? Even if 99% of retailers added some kind of SWYN feature like a Share link for Facebook, does that mean consumers will share? Just because it’s there? And what about other businesses, the non-retailers like B2B marketers?

When you’re considering email marketing best practices, you have to keep your eye on the substance first. In this case, the message. If your message isn’t worth sharing, then don’t be worrying about the social media aspects…yet.

If you’re already part of marketing segment that has added a SWYN option to your emails, then your next step is simply making sure that you’re living up to what you’re asking your recipients to do: If you’re asking them to share, give them something worth sharing.

And don’t think coming up with content people want to share will be hard. It might be insightful commentary, or great advice, or a special offer. It could be a heads up on an exclusive sale, or a link to a cutting-edge whitepaper. It could be a video or an audio file you’ve embedded in your email, or even a remarkable photo.

Before you wonder if you’re behind the eight ball on SWYN adaption, first make sure you’re spending enough time on the substance of your emails.

 That’s an email marketing best practice that’s timeless.

Published On: October 14th, 2010Categories: Email marketing best practices

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