Email Deliverability Consultant Guides You to Email Deliverability Best Practices

As we’ve said in this blog so many times: Improving your email deliverability best practices—and therefore improving your deliverability rates—even a half a percentage point can improve your email marketing ROI.

That’s why we spend so much time as an email deliverability consultant teaching clients how to do things just a little bit better. As a friend of mine likes to say, if you improve by just 1% every day, in 100 days, you’ll be 100% better. Think what that can mean to your ROI!

Unfortunately, even organizations that follow email marketing best practices can be thwarted, with 30% of the emails they send ending up in a spam folder or—worse yet—getting completely blocked, according to a Pivotal Veracity benchmark study of 1.2 million emails done in June 2009.

That’s because improving email deliverability is a highly specialized and ongoing process. It’s a balancing act involving business practices, technical practices and management of the email ecosystem both inside and outside of your organization. This balance is supported by email deliverability tools, expertise, reporting, regular “tune-ups” and monitoring.

As an email deliverability consultant, ClickMail Marketing helps organizations improve email deliverability best practices, and therefore results, with the ClickMail Deliverability Assessment (CDA). The CDA includes:

  • Specific Deliverability Results Report for IP addresses and Domains
  • Detailed Sender Reputation Report and the key contributing factors
  • An Infrastructure Scorecard comparing your infrastructure to best practices
  • A Process Scorecard comparing your practices to best practices
  • A Certification Gap Analysis indicating steps necessary to achieve GoodMail certification
  • A Value Analysis to help management

The CDA combines best-in-class Pivotal Veracity email deliverability tools with ClickMail email deliverability consultant expertise. Pivotal Veracity is the industry’s “gold standard” provider of platform independent tools and benchmarks. And ClickMail has experience with over 20 different platforms, giving us unique insights into technology differences as they relate to email deliverability.

For example, as part of the CDA, ClickMail does an email deliverability check to provide a benchmark. We’ll send an email to a seed list representing 250 domains and 68 countries. You’ll get detailed information on the core performance of your email delivery process across the ISPs, covering both B2C and B2B mailboxes. This email deliverability check is done using the leading independent tool in the industry: Pivotal Veracity’s eDelivery Tracker. The email deliverability check will also compare your company’s performance to industry-respected benchmarks based on over 5 billion messages per month. You’ll also get a comprehensive view of your true email delivery rates at top ISPs such as AOL, MSN/Hotmail, GMail, Yahoo!, Shaw, Cogent, Deutsche Telecom, Orange, Sina and more.

Best of all, ClickMail teaches as we go, preparing email marketers to move forward armed with the knowledge and email deliverability tools they’ll need to monitor and improve delivery…and ROI…over time.

Published On: September 22nd, 2010Categories: Email deliverability

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